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Estashirts! Available at an Estafets show near you!

4 YEARS OF ESTAFETS! YAAAAAAYYY! If Estafets were a human child, it would be learning to read in kindergarten right now. D’awwww :3 


"Where’s Waldo Today?" with Tony Hale

Help find Waldo, before he loses himself completely.

Waldo’s living like a bachelor… IN SQUALOR.

I was recently scrolling through my Facebook feed and came across a familiar image, one of mine from a show in November 2013.
This happens every now and then, and usually it’s accompanied with something along the lines of “Thanks Rohan Anderson for the photo!”, and generally I’m ok with it, I’d prefer permission to be asked, but the fact that they’ve looked for the photographer to credit makes it a little more ok for me.

This hit a nerve for me, they’ve used an image of mine without permission and without credit, on top of this, the image was cropped, had a filter added (presumably from Instagram) and the quality was severely reduced. Here’s the original (notice the watermark that has been cropped out).

Estafets are so incredibly lucky to have friends like Michael Brunk, Kaigh Walsh, and Katie Dendez. Thank you all for your wonderful work, and for being such sweet people :) We hope that this photographer’s experiences serve as a lesson for young bands. Be respectful of your fellow artists, and ask before you use someone’s work!


also sorry but i can’t just gloss over the fact that you didn’t have one single ordinary spoon


(Source:, via markiplier)

It’s Tecate Don’s birthday, so get out to The Josephine in Seattle for tonight’s show! We’re crazy excited for this line-up, and this flyer is great. It’s got all the necessities for a birthday party!

Salt Creek Saloon and Grill is Rad

We’ve never seen faux fighting to this degree on a dance floor, but it’s awesome. The lady in the video below, at one point during the night, almost roundhouse kicked some old dude in the face! Below is Inside Defiance rocking the crowd at SCSG and inspiring some fake violence with their awesome music.

For more insanity, come out to The Josephine in Seattle on Saturday. Estafets will be playing with The Western Homes Band, Plaid Perspective, and Bugs. It’s gonna be a sick show, and we’ve been excited about it since its conception. 

Here are a couple of fliers in circulation for our Coo Coo Nest show on 4/25, as well as our show schedule through June! Happy Friday, everyone! We hope to see you at one of these shows :)

All Is Forgotten

Listen to our EP here or listen live on Friday night at Salt Creek Saloon and Grill. We’re playing with our friends Inside Defiance, and it’s gonna be sweet. We’ve heard a lot of good reviews in regards to SCSG’s food. Nachos, get in our bellies.

We’re heading out to Seattle on Saturday to play at The Josephine. The line-up includes The Western Homes Band, Plaid Perspective, and Bugs. We haven’t played with these bands before, so we’re stoked to make some new friends! This is a 21+ show starting at 9pm.


If you missed us this past Tuesday on KGRG, do not be sad. We’ll be going back for our third on-air fun time in the near future. Also, now that they have our new EP you can send them requests via their facebook page at The Puget Sound Underground. 

Here’s a video that Katie Dendez made with some behind the scene footage. Enjoy, and have a sick weekend!

This is the best gif on the internet.