new songs

• Berkut

A song about the violence in Ukraine prior to the Russian invasion.

• Feeding Time

When the dead rise to feed, it’s feeding time.

• Pizza (Deep Dish)

Once untitled, this song was named at a show in Houston, TX when an audience member suggested one of our deepest, most experimental songs be named Pizza.

We done went on a tour, ahyuck.


08.29 • Punks In The Woods • Packwood, WA

08.30 • Mootsy’s Bar • Spokane, WA

08.31 • Ole Beck VFW Post 209 • Missoula, MT

09.01 • Baby Hospice • Laramie, WY

09.02 • Seventh Circle Music Collective • Denver, CO

09.03 • TBA

09.04 • The Blue Note Lounge • Oklahoma City, OK

09.05 • Super Happy Fun Land • Houston, TX

09.06 • Club 1808 And Annex • Austin, TX

09.09 • Trunk Space • Phoenix, AZ

09.10 • TBA

09.11 • The Safe Haus • Escondido, CA

09.12 • The Doll Hut • Anaheim, CA

09.13 • 924 Gilman Street • Berkeley, CA

09.16 • TBA

09.17 • Naked Lounge • Sacramento, CA

09.18 • Johnny B’s • Medford, OR

09.19 • Black Forest Pub • Eugene, OR

09.20 • Twilight Cafe & Bar • Portland, OR

Please share this and invite your friends! This tour is going to be epically FUN!!

From our new song “Feeding Time”. Brought to you by zombies.

Lyrics from a song we’re working on :)

We’ve been slackin’ on tumblr, but we have some cool updates. On Friday, we’ll be playing at Coo Coo Nest in Port Angeles with Portland badasses Satyress and Disenchanter. Then Saturday, is mo’fuggin’ ZOMBIEFEST! We’re finishing up a song called, “Berkut” for these shows, and we might squeeze in another new tune. Yay!

We need your help! Check out this comic strip by Katie Dendez :)


How I imagine wolves wake up in the morning. 

Katie and Jesse and their fashions of the future.